Come diventare un Consulente Certificato Notion

Aug 17, 2022 2:27 PM

Hai maturato un’approfondita conoscenza di Notion, sei innamorato del tool e ti piacerebbe cominciare ad offrire le tue prime consulenze, oppure, già le offri, ma vuoi certificare le tue competenze per essere più credibile agli occhi del mercato. Il Notion Essentials Badge e la certificazione da Consulente, possono fare al caso tuo.

Cosa sono il Notion Essentials Badge e la certificazione da Consulente

Anzitutto, prima di diventare un Consulente Certificato è necessario

How it works

Prepare. There are no prerequisites to become Notion Certified. If you’ve developed workspaces from scratch and understand all features, configurations and best practices, you’re ready to earn your badge.

Submit your application. In your application, you’ll provide your profile information and examples of your Notion experience. Once you've earned your badge, and with your permission, we may repurpose your responses to showcase your work.

Pass the exam. You'll have 90 minutes to complete 60 multiple choice questions on important topics. Answer 70% correctly to earn your badge. If you score below 70%, you will be eligible to retake the exam in 30 days.

Showcase your badge. After passing the exam, you'll receive an email celebrating your credential and directing you to the Certification Hub where you can access a growing assortment of resources. You’ll get an invite from Credly to view your verified, sharable achievement across all of your profiles.

About the program

Notion Certified is a program for Notion power users to validate their skills for clients and peers. Get certified and earn credentials to display across your digital footprints like email, Slack, LinkedIn, Reddit, and personal websites.

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Notion Certified Consultants are trusted productivity experts and solutions architects.

Notion Certified Consultants help companies, teams, and individuals eliminate barriers to productivity, efficiency, and the pursuit of goals—at home and at work. Our consultants are masters of their craft with a deep understanding of Notion skills and demonstrated experience working with clients of all kinds. In addition to earning a certification, Notion Certified Consultants are listed in our official consultant directory.

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How it Works

  1. Prepare and lay the foundation. Build momentum with your business, then assemble a robust application and prepare for the assessment.
  2. Submit your application. Be prepared to provide three examples of your client work — each with a reference.
  3. Pass the practical exercise. Through a hypothetical client project, you’ll create complex solutions to common problems using advanced Notion tactics, best practices and proven methodologies.
  4. Showcase your badge and access resources. After passing these steps you’ll be invited to join the consultants resources hub, where you can access your complimentary Enterprise workspace and other resources to empower your business. You’ll also get an invite from Credly to view your verified, sharable achievement across all of your profiles.
  5. Grow with Notion. Your consultant certification is only the beginning. Get discovered in the official Notion Certified Consultant directory and grow your business together with Notion.




Certified benefits ⚡️

  • Showcase your verified badge across all of your digital profiles 🏅
  • Get featured on the Notion blog for your creations
  • Build a business or professional brand with support from the Notion team
  • Gain access to exclusive resource hubs 🤝